The main floor of Daybreak Parent Child Centre is devoted mainly to Parent Programming. The parent area consists of a large comfortable living-room space, a large kitchen, child-minding space, and the clothing room. This is a warm and inviting space with couches, loveseats, and a computer work station with internet access.

The clothing room contains clothes, shoes, and other items that people have donated to Daybreak. Daybreak families have access to the clothing room, where staff and volunteers will assist them in gathering clothes that their families need.

Groups generally take place in the 'parent area', with some taking place outdoors and in other rooms in the building. Parents and caregivers are welcome anytime in the parent area for coffee, tea, to use the computer, or simply for a chat. Information is posted on the bulletin board in the parent area about upcoming events, sign-up sheets, programs that are offered, and various other pamphlets from other organizations throughout St. John’s and surrounding area.

Daybreak is an organization that supports the entire family. There is an expectation of involvement by parents and caregivers when their children are enrolled in the Children’s Program. Staff encourage parents and caregivers to visit Daybreak to spend time with their children in the classroom, on field trips, and during lunch time.

Overall parent and caregiver involvement can take many forms including coming to parent nights; signing up for a parent group; or attending playgroups. "Parent Nights" offer staff and parents the opportunity to discuss such topics as children’s progress, upcoming events, and programming. Parents and caregivers are encouraged to join one or more of the many groups offered by Daybreak.

Groups at Daybreak consist of open and closed groups. Closed groups are for parents and caregivers of children enrolled in the Children’s Program. Open groups are for any family and can be accessed by simply contacting the Parent Program Coordinator at (726-8373 ext 205) in order to register.

Groups vary from year to year depending on needs of the families. Groups that are being offered include:

  • Cooking Group
  • Art and Conversation
  • ESL(English as a Second Language)
  • Men's Night
  • Women's Night
  • FASD Parenting Support Group
  • Breakfast Club
  • Talk So Kids Will Listen
  • Take Time
  • Birthday Club
  • Interactive Parenting

Parents are encouraged to join any group of their interest. Some parents have enjoyed groups so much that they have facilitated or co-facilitated groups with the assistance of staff.

For those who may need individual support, a Social Worker is on staff and a Parent Program Coordinator. Both are available to meet with people on an individual basis, as needed.

Daybreak attempts to reduce barriers that stand in the way of parents attending groups and events. Two of these barriers are child-minding and transportation. Therefore, Daybreak provides transportation for those who do not have any other means of getting in, and child-minding for siblings who are not in other programs or attending school.


In an effort to keep families better informed, a monthly newsletter and calendar are provided to Daybreak families. The newsletter includes information about upcoming events, groups that are currently being offered, community programs (i.e., the R.E.A.L. Program, Coats for Kids, etc.), notices of closures and other general notices for parents.

Calendars showing program days, times and contact information are accessible by clicking on the "Calendar" tab at the top of the page. The calendar also includes information on special events that may be held each month!